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Yashashree committed to provide the green solutions in Bio Agriculture space to improve yield, improve soil health and offer biological disease control.

Bio Pragati Gold

Bio Pragati Gold Is A Combination of Organic Extracted from Hypnos Peat Moss and silica it is produced in Accordance with NOSB (National Organic Standard Board Guidelines) it is environmentally Safe and Non Harmful to plant and Animals.

Bio Pragati Gold Benefits
  • An Effective Soil Enhancer
  • A Plant Growth Bio Stimulant
  • Chelating Agent and Disease Supper scent
  • High in Humic Acid , Fulvic Acid , Auxin, Vitamins Etc
  • Promote Nutrient uptake. Accelerate Seed Germination
  • It helps to Increase Crop Yield
  • 100 % Residue free Product

Usage method
1-2 KG Per Acre 1Gm per litter for Drench/Drip/ Foliar application

Bio Unnati

Bio Unnati is unique Formulation of Yashashree it’s a Formulation of 90% water soluble fulvic Acid, Ashwagandha alovera Sea weed Extract Amino Acid Probiotics & enzymes. It can be mixed with water thoroughly to produce liquid Formulation Resulting Organic formulations Compatible with fertilizers and Micro Nutrients.

Bio Unnati Benefits
  • It Helps to increase overall Growth of the plant
  • Increase the development of beneficial soil micro flora
  • 20 % Decreases the usage of Chemical Fertilizers
  • Compatible with Organic and inorganic fertilizers
  • Improves nutrients update
  • Improves water holding capacity
  • Improvers Flowering and Fruiting stages

Dosage Guideline
40 -50 gm per 16 litter of water foliar application

Bio Sanjivini

Bio Sanjivini Is a Balanced Formulation of Medical Herbs Extracts. It is Effective for Soil borne Deceases like root rot, Black Rot, wilt and other fungal infections like leaf Spot, downy mildew, early and late blight.

Benefits of Bio Sanjivini
  • An Effective organic fungicide, compatible with most of pesticides provides dependable protections.
  • No harm to beneficial organisms, control fungal infestations. 100% residue free products. Target pest blast, leaf spot, Powdery Mildew downy Mildew Anthracnose, phytophthora, blister blight, Early blight, late blight etc..

Bio Sampurna

SAMPURNA is a unique specialist fertilizer consisting of Organic carbon, Organic Booster like amino acids, effective AIMS (Agriculturally Important Micro-Organisms) like Nitrogen-fixing bacteria, Phosphorous solubilizing bacteria and also trace amounts of essential minerals. SAMPURNA intended to provide the most comprehensive crop nutrition which improves Physico-Chemical and Biological properties of soil ecosystem while enhancing crop productivity. SAMPURNA complies the FCO specification.

Organic NPK Mobilizing Bacteria

Organic NPK Mobilizing Bacteria is Organic Microbial Formulation Containing Strains of Bacteria able to Synthesize/Assimilate Atmospheric Nitrogen Solubilizes Phosphate and Potash into Available Form thereby supplementing balance nutrition to the crops. It converts non available forms of micro nutrients into available form.

Benefits of Organic NPK Mobilizing Bacteria
  • A plant Growth Stimulant
  • Increase Crop Yields
  • 100% Residue Free Product
  • Mobilizes Nitrogen, Phosphorous, Potash to the Plants
  • Improves Nutritional Value of Crops
  • Enrich Soil Micro-Flora and Maintain Ecological Balance
  • Increases Leaf Structure
  • Improves Plant Immunity
  • Reduction of Pesticides
  • Reductions of Chemical